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2012 - Travelled throughout Hong Kong and China


2005 - Travelled to Austria, Italy & Czech Republic


2000 - Travelled extensively throughout Northern China


2000 - 2004  - Senior Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW


1996 -  Travelled throughout China


1992 -  Travelled to USA and Japan


1990 - 1999 -  Lecturer, College of Fine Arts, UNSW


1984/85 -  Travelled extensively throughout USA


1982 - 1989 -  Lecturer City Art Institute, SCAE


1980 -  Lived in New York City


1979 -  Travelled throughout Europe


1976 - 1982 -  Lecturer, Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education


1968 - 1972 -  Studied at National Art School. Awarded ASTC


1963 -  Arrived in Australia


1948 -  Born in China





2019 Recent Works, Michelle Perry Fine Arts, Sydney


2018 'Light and Space', Live in Art, in conjunction with Art Atrium, Sydney


2017  'Into the Light', SPOT81, Sydney

2015  'Wait in Silence', SPOT81, Sydney


2013   ‘Into Light’, Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney


2012   ‘Drawings’, Syndicate at Danks, Sydney


2011    ‘Might Have Danced’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney


2010    Mossenson Galleries, Perth, WA, Australia

            ‘Graham Kuo, Printmaker: A Retrospective Exhibition’, Peter Pinson Gallery, Sydney


2009     Galerie White8, Vienna, Austria

             Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

             ‘Black & White’, Maitland Regional Art Gallery


2008     Galerie White8, Villach, Austria


2007     Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney


2005     Gallery White8, Villach, Austria

             Maitland Regional Art Gallery


2006, 2005, 2002  Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne


2004, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1994, 1992, 1986, 1984, 1982, 1980, 1978   Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney


2000    Dickerson Scott, Melbourne


1998    Robert Steele Gallery, Adelaide


1995, 1986, 1983   Solander Gallery, Canberra


1995    New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale, NSW


1992    Gallery Chika, Tokyo, Japan


1989    Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne


1985    Stadia Graphics Gallery, Sydney


1979    C.A.S. Gallery, Adelaide

            Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne


1977    Macquarie Gallery, Canberra

            Collectors Gallery, Perth


1976, 1974   Bonython Gallery, Sydney


1975    Narek Gallery, Canberra






2021 'Garage to Gallery', Michelle Perry Fine Arts, Sydney

          Sydney Contemporary, Michelle Perry Fine Arts


2019 Michelle Perry Fine Arts @ 109 Riley


2018  Sydney Contemporary, Art Atrium

          'Transference', Live in Art, Presented by Art Atrium

          Art Central, Hong Kong

2017  Finalists exhibition, Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing'

          Finalists exhibition, Calleen Art Award, Cowra Regional Art Gallery

          Finalists exhibition, Paddington Art Prize

          'Integration - Exchange', China Cultural Centre, Sydney, Curated by Li Hong

          'Summer Sojourn', Art Atrium, Sydney


2016   Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales

           'Twenty, twenty', Kensington Contemporary, Sydney

           'COLD MOUNTAIN: 100 Poems', SPOT81, Sydney


2015   'BLACK & WHITE', SPOT81,Sydney

           'The Piano has been Drinking', Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland, NSW

           'Clouds Intersected', Chinese Cultural Centre, Sydney


2014   ‘Out of the Blue’, SPOT81, Sydney

            Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney

            ‘PAPER’, SPOT81, Sydney

            'PRINTED MATTER’, SPOT81, Sydney


2013    ‘From Scrolls to Zines’, Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney

            ‘A Thousand Words’, Syndicate at Danks, Sydney

             Finalist, Paddington Art Prize, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney


2012    ‘The Abstract Canvas’, Wilson Street Gallery at Danks, Sydney

            ‘From Paper’, Beijing Art Space, Beijing

             Showcase, Syndicate at Danks, Sydney

             Marnling Press & Whaling Rd Studio Survey, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW


2011    ‘Colour’,  Syndicate at Danks, Sydney

            ‘Intimate’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney


2010     ‘East meets West’, Galerie White8, Vienna

             ‘Solitary Pursuits in Red’, Maitland Regional Art Gallery

              CarriageARTworks, Sydney

              Australian Watercolour Institute, Mosman Regional Gallery, Sydney


2009     CarriageARTworks, Sydney

             ‘Printed Image’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

             ‘Text’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

             'Modern Colourists’, Peter Pinson Gallery, Sydney


2008     Bridge Art Fair, New York City

            ‘Shades of Grey’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

             Abstraction, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

             Art Sydney, Wilson St Gallery, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney


2007   ‘Paint 2007’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

           ‘Paper 2007’, Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney

            Dickerson Gallery, Sydney

            KIAF, Seoul, Korea

            Cologne Art Fair


2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998   ‘Important Works on Paper’, Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney


1999     Opening Exhibition, Dickerson Scott, Melbourne

             Kedumba Drawing Award, Invitational


1998     Australian Masters, Solander Gallery, Canberra


1997     ‘Sextet’, Curated by Nick Watewrlow, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney

              Opening of New Wing, New England Regional Art Museum

             ‘King of the Accordion’ – Dubbo Regional Gallery, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Penrith Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest


1996     Grafton Regional Art Gallery, NSW

              Logan Art Gallery, Queensland

              Ipswich Regional Art Gallery, Queensland


1995     New England Regional Art Gallery, NSW


1994     ‘Mixed Impressions’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney


1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990     Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney


1988     11th International Exhibition of Original Drawings, Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka, Yugoslavia


1983     15th International Print Biennale, Yugoslavia


1981     ‘Continuum’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Syd

             14th International Print Biennale, Yugoslavia


1979     The 6th British International Print Biennial, Bradford, UK

             ‘Contemporary Australian Printmakers 1’ touring US and Canada


1978, 1976    7th  and 6th International Print Biennial, Cracow, Poland


1978     ‘Intergrafia’, Cracow, Poland


1977     45th Tokyo Print Show, Tokyo, Japan


1976     Western Pacific Print Biennial, New Caledonia


1975     World Print Council Exhibition,  San Francisco, USA


1973     New Zealand Print Show, New Zealand






Art Gallery of NSW;  Art Gallery of South Australia;  Bendigo Art Gallery;  Caledonia National Art Gallery, New Caledonia;  Commonwealth Bank; Dept of Foreign affairs, Canberra;  Gold Coast City Art Gallery;  Griffith University, Qld;  Hawthorn City Art Gallery;  Macquarie University;  Maitland Regional Art Gallery;  Museum of Modern Art, New York;  National Gallery of Australia;  Newcastle City Art Gallery;  New England Regional Art Museum;  Power Institute of Fine Art, Sydney;  Print Council of Australia;   Queensland Art Gallery;  Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania;  University of New South Wales;  University of Sydney;  Visual Arts Board, NSW;  Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery; Western Australia Art  Gallery





1974   Hemisphere, January


1975   Hemisphere, October- December


1975   Hemisphere June


1976   The 6th International Print Biennale Catalogue, Museum of Art, Crakow, Poland


1977   “Selection of 41 Modern Prints from Australia” Catalogue, Japan Print Association


1978   7 m b g Catalogue, Museum of Art Crakow, Poland


1979   Contemporary Australian Printmakers 1 Catalogue, Print Council of Australia, Melbourne


1979   Sixth International Print Biennale Catalogue, Bradford Art Galleries and Museums, Bradford UK


1981   “Continuum National Art School 60 - AMC 80” Catalogue, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney


1981   Art and Australia,Vol 19 No 2


1981   14th Graficni Biennale, Catalogue Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia


1983   15th Graficni Biennale, Catalogue Museum of Modern Art. Ljubljana, Yugoslavia


1984   Art Diary (The World’s Art Directory)


1984   Rainbird Stephen “21 Australian Prints” Catalogue, Griffith University, Nathan, Queensland


1988   Xth International Exhibition of Original Drawings, Catalogue, Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka,Yugoslavia


1988   Wu, D & Liu G (eds) “Contemporary Australian Paintings” Liao NingFine Arts Publishing House, China


1992   “Artfile” Craft Arts Institute, Sydney


1994   The Australian, “The Weekend Review” Sept 24-25


1995   “The King of the Accordian”. Catalogue, New England Regional Art Museum, ISBN 0 646 25235 6


1995   “The Synthesis of Events” New England Regional Art Museum ISBN 0 646 23140 5.


1997   “Australian Printmaking in the 1990s – Artist Printmakers 1990-1995” Sasha Grishin, Craftsman House, G&B Arts International.


1997   Introduction to “Sextet” – Nick Waterlow


2000   “Australian Identities in Printmaking. The Australian Print Collection of the Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery”, Essay by Sasha Grishin, Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery


2005 Paintings 1995-2005, Essay by Joe Eisenberg,Maitland Regional Art Gallery


2006 The Australian Watercolour Institute,Sydney.Text by P.Pinson, J.Campbell, P.Laverty ISBN 0-9775532-0-5


2009 Recent Drawings Maitland Regional Art Gallery,Maitland. Essay by Joseph Eisenberg

2012 'Marnling Press and Whaling Road Studio', Maitland Regional Art Gallery

2016 'Printed in Australia', Foreword by Akky von Ogtrop, Ed Michelle Perry, 10 Group Australia








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